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10-16-2012, 02:52 PM
Great builds, and I am glad I could help.

Here's a preliminary idea for a Voyager build. This can be used with either VA versions. I haven't sat down with the Captain level Intrepid as of yet.

Long Range Science Vessel (Retrofit)

Fore Weapons: 2 Phaser Beam arrays, 1 Photon Torpedo Launcher
Aft Weapons: 2 phaser beam arrays, 1 tricobalt torpedo launcher (Nod to "Endgame".)

Lieutenant Tac: Tactical Team, HYT (A nod to the never ending supply of torpedoes)
Lt Eng: Emergency Power to Shields, Aux to SIF
Ensign Sci: Tachyon Beam
Lieutenant Commander Sci: Science Team/Transfer Shield Strength, Polarize Hull, Hazard Emitters
Commander Sci: Tractor Beam, Mask Energy Signature, Photonic Shockwave, Photonic Officer

(I know Photonic Officer 3 is hard to come by. Photonic Officer can be had as a Lieutenant Commander ability, so you could swap it out for say PSW3 or GW3 which are trainable.)

Specialty Consoles: Ablative Generator, Photonic Displacer (as a nod to "Deadlock".)

I know Hazard Emitters doesn't really go, but I can't build a ship without Hazard Emitters. You could substitute it for Gravity Well 1, but I have a thing where no ship of mine leaves spacedock without Hazard Emitters.

If you want to fight in this thing, I really am not a fan of MES personally. I would sub that for Tachyon Beam, or Transfer Shield Strength

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