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10-16-2012, 04:01 PM
Ughhh where to start with these Lobi crystal shenanigans.

1. Lobi should be purchasable with dilithium from the dil store. (Even if it's 5k for 1)

2. They should be completely tradeable, I should be able to sell them on the exchange for EC as it's the primary currency.

3. There hasn't been another scavenger hunt to earn more.

4. At these rates of getting Lobi I will likely NEVER be able to purchase anything. It's only available through a box, end of story. Even if I open a box, It will still take many more tries then it's worth to get something simple (like the earrings). Some of the other items are behind to large of a paywall. Taking into account the levi3 rate of accruing lobi, It will take $160 to get the ships from the Lobi store directly. Even consoles are priced at $40 currently. (1 lobi = 20 zen)

5. It's a complete MESS to navigate, as we get more items how much longer can this UI work.

6. It would have been simpler to just add all these items to the Zen store, at least the non ship items, and give some sort of Zen point amount instead as a prize. Similar to how scratch offs work.

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