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10-16-2012, 03:49 PM
They are just to squishy now in pvp for me to stay. The only people that can do any dmg now is Dura (tact), Nomann(sci), The healers Dec(eng) and Martin(sci) are to squishy and are still learning there builds. So they kick one the one of the best all around pvper's and expect for me to stay. No thank you. Why so I can wait for S.O.B. to occasionally join us in some pvp runs to make up the differnce. lol yeah. But the rest of the fleet are pve so why stay? We had 3-4 that could really do pvp. It was 2-3 with me there. Now it's just 1-2 that can really pvp. This really is no offense, it's just that most of that fleet is pve.