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10-16-2012, 04:03 PM

Overall the new changes look very promising.

But there's something I really don't like or miss: If I queue for any event/mission I really miss to see how many other players already queued.

Just an example: if I see that for a 20 player mission 17 players already queued I can at least calculate (more or less) how much time it will take until the mission starts. But without that hint it's just a blind guess. Which means without knowing it could take me a lot of minutes/hours to wait. But then at some point I either drop the mission or start playing a foundry mission... On whatever: in both ways I won't play the mission I queued for.

I really like the new and user friendly UI of the PvE Queues. But please bring back the "timer" or "counter" for the players. This would be very helpful to decide if I/or others would like to join a game.

Thank you.