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10-16-2012, 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by kalani2 View Post
His point still remains. The group has to be within 100m of a player to be on the map and thus following their patrol.

If this number could be increased we could actually make NPCs that seem to respond to the current mission objectives by placing their patrols near the objective but if they have to start within 100m of the player an author cant take it for granted that a player will be close enough to trigger the NPCs so they can follow the new way point.

Edit: Also I don't mean this to slight this feature. I can still think of quite a few interesting uses and Im really glad were getting it.
My big concern is that there's a good chance the patrol will never even be a factor before the player enters combat, which makes the work with patrols a TON of work that would be wasted. I KNOW devs have spent months on this and if nobody notices it, then at best it's a placeholder for doing the same thing with friendly mobs, where it WOULD be noticed.

Assuming they don't just sporadically despawn when they get over 100m away.