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Originally Posted by retroburn View Post
I've only just returned to the game so I'm sure my ship layout isn't as efficient as it ought to be.

Fore weapons: phaser beam array, quantum torpedo launcher, phaser dual heavy cannons, phaser dual cannons

Deflector: graviton deflector array

Impulse: assimilated subtranswarp engines

Shields: covariant shield array [cap]x2

Aft weapons: phaser beam array, phaser turret, phaser turret

Engineering consoles: RCS accelerator, RCS accelerator

Science consoles: flow capacitor, power insulator, countermeasure system

Tactical consoles: prefire chamber, prefire chamber, phaser relay, directed energy distribution manifold

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.
You want a regnerative shield and Nutronium Hull plating instead of the RSC consol and the quatum torpedo consol get rid of the direct energy consol.
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