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Currently flying a Patrol Escort
Fore: 3 Dual Heavy Anti-Proton Cannons and a Quantum Launcher.
Rear: 3 Anti-Proton Turrets

When I am in a battle I get around 8km from the target pop Cannon Rapid Fire and blast the facing shield away. The I pop High Yield and send a volley. The problem comes after, usually I fly out to gain some distance and rinse and repeat. My thinking is that this gives me the highest damage to output, and frankly I don;t really know how else to do it with cannons and their small firing arc.

I am wondering that if beam arrays catch up to the dmg output of the cannons because they are actually firing more often. Or is there a better way to operate my escort?

I'd like to be a better contributor to the STFs and FAs so any advice is welcome and appreciated.