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Originally Posted by meimeitoo View Post
The D'kyr is broken on so many levels (in no small part due to the 'great science nerf'), that I think you're just better off with another ship.

I still have it (for lolz, and because I paid rl money for it); but if you want to do the whole science thing, get a Tholian ship or something, and just keep the D'kyr as a nice reminder of a ship which appeared in Enterprise every now and then.
What was the great science nerf? Was it that crucial science abilities now caused each other to go into cool down when one was used whereas before they didn't?

I know that ablative armor when it first came out with the intrepid was so OP that it had to be nerfed by the devs because it was being spammed ridiculously in PVP. Besides that, I can't remember. Oh, wait. I think I do remember now. In the transition from the old space skills to the news skills, a lot of the old consoles like the flow capacitor that used to have have +10 or +15 to aux, now only did +1 to +5 to aux? Is that what your'e referring to? Or, for example, the power insulator used to be called the halon system which used to directly modify Hazard emitters, but now only relates to "attacks that drain shield strength or power from starship subsystems".