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This is going to be my last comment in this topic. It is about STO and the Treaty of Algeron....

"The Treaty of Algeron, signed in 2311 by the Romulan Star Empire, and the United Federation of Planets, prohibited Federation cloaking devices. This agreement has been a source of controversy in Starfleet, where some officers believed it severely limited tactical options (which it does), and put the Federation at a disadvantage (which it does...again).

Although the Federation initially agreed to follow the treaty after the destruction of the Romulan homeworld, in early 2409 Starfleet was authorized to develop and implement cloaking Technology on selected ships."

So far this has only included the Tactical Escort Retrofit and Dreadnaught, to which I must ask....why? Why are the only two Federation ships that get a cloak an Escort and a Cruiser? When are Science Ships going to get some love? If the Chimera had a cloak of some kind to, I would think it more worth the 200 dollars for the lifetime sub. So again, I have to ask, why are the Tactical Escort Retrofit and the Dreadnaught the only two fed ships that have Cloaks ever since Starfleet authorized the development and implementation of Cloaks?

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