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Find a Better Game by Changing the Chat Channel

STO has a robust chat channel system available to all players. For the purposes of this example, I'll be talking about two channels - one public (anyone can join) and one private (you have to ask to be invited).

Public: PublicEliteSTF
Members: 3500+ (over 300 online at any time)
Purpose: For players looking to run Elite STFS with optionals.
Rules: (1.) Standard Invite Code Rules (see below) (2.) You should know what the Optionals are before you join. This is a chat channel for stf's only, and they actively discourage open conversations outside of stf's. It's partially moderated, meaning if you break the rules on invites, you can get kicked (rarely).
My Impression: Friendly, easy going group. You will miss optionals occasionally, as the players are often new. Missions are pre-planned with roles assigned.

Members: 1200+ (30+ on at any time)
Purpose: Elite Player Only. To become a member you must read the rules.
Rules: (1.) Standard Invite Code Rules (see below) (2.) You must know what the Optionals. THIS CHANNEL IS ACTIVELY MODERATED, AND HAS A HIGH KICK RATE.
My Impression: A great group dedicated to professional STF runs; they discuss the games tactics, define roles before the start of the mission, and generally will not tolerate inexpereinced players. This channel is NOT for first time players.

Hi there nice post and guide regarding coming onto an STF channel. I own and run PublicEliteSTF. The public non invite one. You have reversed your information I'm afraid... but no worries! PublicEliteSTF is in fact the 1300+ (150-250 online at any time) open public channel. EliteSTF is the PRIVATE 3500+ channel just to clarify and perhaps you could edit the post to reflect this please.

PublicEliteSTF, my one, the open channel has no issue with guys chatting away on channel once games are running. If not or if guys are just hanging out not doing much we prefer if you would run games then chat for an hour. The channel is moderated, abusive behaviour will get you muted, excessive trolling is also heavily frowned upon and you will be dealt with if you continue to do so. That being said, these things will never apply to the vast majority of people thank god!

Also we expect guys to come on channel KNOWING the missions and optionals. The quality of games on channel is high and we intend to keep it that way. As such we ask that you get training in fleet before coming on channel, or at least tell people you may not know missions or optionals before starting games. While we are a friendly bunch, some of the best players in game frequent the channel, once you are straight up and tell people your new and are unsure of the optionals they may even give you the tips and tricks you need. If you try sneaking into games without knowing what you're doing you do face the possibility of getting angry players on your back.... understandably so. This is the same in any STF channel. The simple solution to this is to make sure you have an idea what your doing. There are multiple guides and youtube videos you can check out first, we actually have on linked in our MOTD so there's little excuse and as mention just letting guys know before they run with you can save yourself and everyone alot of unnecessary agro.

We all get enough off the borg we dont need more. Damn you Donatra and your green balls of death!! I joke i joke, she never gets me I dps her upclose from from behind... pew pew!! See tips already!! I'm too nice...

Anyways....! I digress, do take the advice of the quoted post regarding running games, and most off all enjoy the channel and have fun....once you know the optionals....!

Good luck and Good Hunting

@wildchild8 PublicEliteSTF (the 1300+ not private one...)

PS Rainbow "proc" boats suck big time!!! You're gimping yourself and your team in an STF. Procs don't kill people I do... and my single energy type mk xii dhc with making all same energy type consoles.... try saying that 10 times fast...

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