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PublicEliteSTF, my one, the open channel has no issue with guys chatting away on channel once games are running. If not or if guys are just hanging out not doing much we prefer if you would run games then chat for an hour. The channel is moderated, abusive behaviour will get you muted, excessive trolling is also heavily frowned upon and you will be dealt with if you continue to do so. That being said, these things will never apply to the vast majority of people thank god!
That being said, why have you guys not banned me yet lol... Jokes jokes, I would prefer not to be banned, I rather like the people in there, and a lot of my best STF runs have come out of there. Even though I have as of yet to get a successful IGE opt run... rather infuriating being that it's the last one I have for that accursed accolade.
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