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Originally Posted by crashdragon View Post
I couldn't care less really about this........thing.

It's just bling bling. PW's version of a cheap cupcake with cheap fancy toppings trying to look awesome, yet fails.

It is a cop out and Mobile browsers are junky and useless as well as an extra expense for the internet time. So it's NOT free........just to get it it is, but your paying for extra time to use it.

I'm not shelling out for a iPhone or crappy tablet that has a life span of 3 minutes nor any other yuppy garage device just to look cool on STO. Everyone knows that they have to wait for me to read my email, as I won't join the mindless herd.

Most likely won't use this feature, I have seen no serious use for it. If I have to have it ( oh, yes, I will be forced to have it or the game won't run) I'll just shunt it to a dark corner in my hard drive and close the door on it.

I don't care if I'm told by PW's Mr.Spin Doctor to try it, if I see a deflated ball with a massive puncture, why kick it? It's useless. Like the 1000 Day ship.

If I won't join Failbook just to play a game, what makes them think I'm wasting money on a mobile fail device?

Even if there was a gun to my head and PW telling me to use it, I'd say, go ahead pull the trigger. =3
Perhaps you should put in a request for an audio-only version for your dial-up telephone...?

I'm sure there must be some kind of a market for folks who are still living in the 20th century.

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