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Originally Posted by gallowsghost View Post
Currently flying a Patrol Escort
Fore: 3 Dual Heavy Anti-Proton Cannons and a Quantum Launcher.
Rear: 3 Anti-Proton Turrets

When I am in a battle I get around 8km from the target pop Cannon Rapid Fire and blast the facing shield away. The I pop High Yield and send a volley. The problem comes after, usually I fly out to gain some distance and rinse and repeat. My thinking is that this gives me the highest damage to output, and frankly I don;t really know how else to do it with cannons and their small firing arc.

I am wondering that if beam arrays catch up to the dmg output of the cannons because they are actually firing more often. Or is there a better way to operate my escort?

I'd like to be a better contributor to the STFs and FAs so any advice is welcome and appreciated.


try to stay under 5km from your enemy...
if you use EPtS and TSS (and TT of course) you can even sit at 2km from a (normal) cube and resist to ia lot of seconds until you destroy it. You can also resist to a heavy plasma torpedo if you use brace for impact when the torpedo is at 1-2km from your ship (usefull having at least a purple shield distribution officer in your roster).

Most important of all: you have to learn to buff yourself in a good timing... es. if you have conn officers (TT variant) in your roster using TT you have a buff (8 seconds if I remember) to attack patterns, so using TT just a moment before attack patterns your attack is stronger.