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10-17-2012, 02:34 AM
on my tac officer i use 3 AP DHC and a quantum and 2 turrets aft, all backed by 4 AP mag regulators, as for any stf, trasfer shield strength and emgr power to shields and hazard emitters is a must, but i use torp high yield III and II, and rapid fire III and II, and 2 coppies of tac team, and attack pattern beta, with energy weapons the closer you are to your target the more DPs you do, so yeah try and get within 5km away from your target, except on transwarp gates, go directly to the side of it, and stay within 7.21km, it will target you but CANNOT hit you lol, a nice little bug there, so yeah in nearly all mission, the closer you are the harder you hit, and always buff up to before unleashing hell XD