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10-17-2012, 02:56 AM
It was the best science set for graviton generators, but now if we want any set bonus, we'll have to use the terrible borg shield or the not up to par maco space set (the 2 piece power is stupid and utterly useless). So I'll have to loose a lot of resilience or sci power efficiency.

I understand the need to nerf tanking, especially for escorts, but once again it looks like a science nerf, even if it wasn't the original purpose. I do hope that the new omega adapted borg tech won't force us to make a lot of sacrifices and have goot other set parts, because I really need the console on my science ship.

I'm not opposed to change but I hope the new omega adapted borg tech isn't a cheap set with terrible set parts, because I'll feat I have to loose the GREAT borg deflector with +5 to aux. That's already a huge nerf for scis.

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