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Originally Posted by kratos20th View Post
Granted, I don't have perfect experiance in STFs, but that whole "Only drop generators to 10%!" rule has NEVER worked for the bonus in all the times i've seen it used. it always ends with ppl taking too long, the spheres swarming the main generator, and them repairing it when we start attacking. (failing the mission)

I always vote to steamroll. Full power on the nanogenerators, take them down as quick as possible, then use someone as a decoy to distract the group of spheres coming from the gate while the rest take down the generator.

I've only had this plan fail once. (because someone was trying to do the 10% rule)
As opposed to using this plan and have it fail nine times out of 10,you need to be playing with people who "KNOW" how to play STO mate

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