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10-17-2012, 04:11 AM
Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
Lol, so all escort captains are going to throw a tantrum and quit? Maybe you will, since you can't handle being unable to tank like a cruiser anymore while in your escort.

Though I have a compromise for you: You guys keep the overpowered borg set with the MACO shield and we cruiser captains get heavy beam arrays for us only that do spike damage on the Escort level. How does that sound?

And don't think you can delete your ridiculously elitist post before I quote it. You won't get away with it. Have the courage to take responsibility for your opinions.
Cruisers aren't meant to do damage like Escorts. This isn't RP Cruiser pwn Online.

Besides, the damage you can do in a properly built Cruiser is more than enough for the PvE content in this game.

Read my sig to learn how to make a proper build.

If you can't destroy an Escort then support the team Escort who can. It's called teamplay.

And as for tanking, it's not like they can't take shield distribution doffs.

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