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When I am in a battle I get around 8km from the target pop Cannon Rapid Fire and blast the facing shield away. The I pop High Yield and send a volley.
Recent weapons range testing shows slight differences with theenginescannaetakeit's article from Feb 2010, but it's still fair to say that "the closer the better" for Cannons.

There are a few schools of thought on Escort setups:

#1. All-Cannons. The "DPS" build.

Typically 4x DHCs fore and 3x Turrets Aft. This setup is one of the best in terms of Single-target Damage Output over time, and also allows high efficiency out of damage buffs. (It allows you to Rotate 2x Tactical Team 1s plus 2x Attack Pattern Betas and 2x Cannon Rapid Fires, and stack up Tactical Consoles for your chosen energy damage type. All these buffs will affect all your weapons.) The downside is that you have little to no AoE damage, and there is a large dropoff in damage output at longer ranges.

#2. 2 Cannons, 2 Torpedos. The "Hybrid" build.

Typically 2xDHCs and 2x Quantums fore, 3x Turrets rear. 2-3 Projectile Weapon DOFFs are used to increase the firing rate of the two torpedo launchers. Unbuffed and versus hull, this setup is slightly higher DPS than the All-Cannon build... however you will not always be firing versus unshielded targets, and you cannot buff both Energy Damage and Projectile Damage with the same Tactical Console (so in practice, the Single target damage will be less than an all-cannon setup). The main benefits of this setup are that damage output remains high at long range, and there is much higher potential for Spike damage (via High Yield) and AoE damage (via Torpedo Spread) than with an all-cannon build.

#3. 3 Cannons, 1 Torpedo

Typically 3x DHCs and 1x Quantum fore, 3x Turrets Aft. With only one active torpedo launcher, it generally isn't worth investing Projectile DOFFs. Compared with the Hybrid build, this setup has lower Single Target Hull DPS but higher Single-Target Shield DPS. It also has lower Damage output at range (though still higher than an all-cannon build). This is usually the preferred Escort setup outside STFs (Hull damage is more effective than usual in STFs due to the large number of unshielded targets).

#4. 2 Cannons, 1 DBB, 1 Torpedo

You'll see this setup knocked around the PVP forums occasionally. The idea is to get the most spike damage possible, by combining the raw power of DHCs with abilities such as Beam Overload 3 and Torpedo High Yield. In practice this setup will nearly always be less effective than other setups in PVE.

#5. Minelayers

In recent months, you'll notice a bit of a trend towards Tricobalt mines. This is due to them being affected by Tactical Captain buffs and Dispersal Pattern BOFF abilities, allowing you to stack multiple damage buffs with their already high base damage to attain extremely high levels of spike damage. Some Escort Captains have decided that swapping out a rear turret (or two) for a Tricobalt Mine is worth it. Be aware that (i) Tricobalt damage is kinetic and will be far less effective against shielded targets and (ii) It will be yet another source of damage to consider when planning your Tactical Console layout. Finally, minelaying needs to be done at very close range, and Tricobalt detonations inflict AoE splash damage which is faction-neutral (meaning it can harm you as well as your target, and kill any other mines or heavy torpedos in the vicinity).

Personally, on Escorts I usually go for #2 in STFs, and #3 for Fleet actions

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