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Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
It is true that using rapidfire guns is the worst case scenario when handling Borg. High DPV (damage per volley) weapons like a sniper rifle or pulsewave can usually kill them in 1-3 shots total. Keep in mind you can always melee them to expose the target and/or buy time. Anyone with a melee weapon (batleth, lirpa, etc.) can use that ad nauseum without a remodulator as well.

Unfortunately the people who need to know this the most are usually the ones who visit the forums the least.
Very true - though I VERY rarely do ground STF's (don't enjoy them at all), one does get a feeling of impending doom when two or three team members are hauling rapidfire weapons around.

And as for the issue of lower-tier players not using remodulators against the Starbase Incursion Borg - still present, sadly, and not sure which is worse; the fact that they don't use remodulators or the fact that they don't listen to anyone asking them to equip one.
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