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06-26-2009, 05:03 PM
I haven't really paid too much attention to how the bridge crew will work, so if some of these have been answered let me know!

What are the different ways that we will gain access to new crew members? Through missions, "loot", etc?
Along that same vein of questioning, are there any "rare" crew members? How will we obtain them?

What is the max number of "bridge crew" that we will be "in control of"(essentially)? Will different classes of ships(or items) effect how many we can have "active" at any given time, or is it a static number regardless? Example: A galaxy can have 8, an Orbeth can have 6.

What do we need to do to "switch" the crew around. Is there a quick swap function[(akin to a duty shift)maybe create a pallet of 2-3 "shifts" that we can interchange between when not under fire], or will we have to return to a starbase to change?

How do you "advance" your bridge crew? Is it possible to "de-advance" them by performing actions they don't like?
Can you provide an example of the differences between a "fully developed" member, compared to a new one?