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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
Because it's old i.e. 'Retro' - new hotness is always expensive.

And honestly, I don't care whether it's considered Mk X, Mk XII or whatever - it didn't need this work done on it. The reasons for doing the work are not to balance it against the MACO/Omega sets or to promote diversity (they could've done that a long time ago but it's always been 'working as intended').

They've done it to make you grind again for something you already had at a different level.

They've done it because splitting up the Borg set and adding two unremarkable pieces (at two different levels) is cheaper and quicker than building something new and interesting.

The Borg set was fine as it was, and it was good value for the EDCs - heck, it even meant that players that hated STFs could get a decent set of end-game gear for relatively little pain.

Meddling with it like this is unnecessary and wasteful (two Cryptic hallmarks).
Speccing is about choices. Gear is about setting goals to get more choices.

Of course many players wouldn't care what Mark it was if they could get more out of it but from a design standpoint, Mk X outclassing Mk XI or Mk XII items that COST MORE represents a design flaw.

Costlier things should perform better.

And while we're at it, maybe a dev would take a look at why certain expensive ground weapons underperform and why 50 Lobi 29th century weapons that are less powerful than 23rd century weapons that can be had in a single mission replay.

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