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10-17-2012, 07:45 AM
Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
See, this coulda been cool if they made it all a single 6-piece set so people could choose the combination that suits them. Instead, they're forcing me to choose between losing my multi-regenerative shield heal bonus, and running that POS Borg shield; between having no set bonus at all from the Module, or running a weapon type I don't @#%$ing want.

If they'd have made it a 6 piece, I think you could expect a restructuring of the order you get the bonuses in. Keep in mind that they're adding different MARKS of Borg gear with these changes and that set bonuses do not work with gear of different marks. A 6 piece bonus would be a nightmare to keep your bonuses up in and I suspect they would have put the shields and hull regen on the 5 and 6 piece set bonus and put less impressive bonuses at the lower tiers.