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10-17-2012, 06:57 AM
Just a quick update !

14000 tickets sold!

4000 pound tickets ($6400 US) sold out !

Oddly the 40 pounds ($65 US) haven't

All 5 captains will definitely be attending and
even the the cancelled stars (Martha Hackett AKA Seska ST:Voyager)
has decided to make an appearance.

If you order tickets now they will have to be collected at the eXcel box office!

Sunday <----If decide you want to go this is the day to me!!

Quick note: The organisers will be trying to break the world record for people dressed as
Star Trek characters !
Just need 1040 people to stand together for 10 mins! (must be dressed head to toe)

Im off to get my romulan outfit ready!

Gotta beat the June Las vegas effort!

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