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Originally Posted by kratos20th View Post
I believe it is Infected space. (The one with the gateways)
Whenever I run into the people that say "Only drop the nanogenerators to 10% so we can get the bonus!"
Out of all the times I've seen people attempt that strategy, It's never worked. we ether end up running out of time, or the main generator gets swarmed by spheres which heal it, failing the mission.

I instead choose to steamroll the map. Everyone use full power to take down the nanogenerators as fast as possible, while diverting a person to be a decoy for the incoming spheres while the rest take down the gate.
Out of all the times I've done this, it only failed once: Because we had someone on the team trying to do the 10% way.
10% fonctions like a charm espiecally with PUG's. Your methods only works on normal or with Premade which has enough CC Abilitys.

I had good, mediocre and really worse ESTF's:

CSE. A Gal Retrofit told us he would defend Kang. He was even unable to kill a SINGLE Bird of Prey

The other 3 split and everyone tried to destroy the probes on his own.
After 5minutes they still didn't more than 2 probes because they were sitting at 9,99km and shooting at the probes -.-

After a lot of hassle with the BoP's, Neghvars etc I destroyed right cube, middle cube (annonced the kill to get them time to prepare for the raptors on Teamchat), turn to the kang and see 9 raptors over the kang and 4 players who didn't managed to kill a single raptor ...

Kang got destroyed and I hopefully never see that player again :-P

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