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10-17-2012, 07:29 AM
Originally Posted by captainlysiak1 View Post
this probbably isnt the right place for this question, but is there a way to play STO on ipad 3 and ONLY ipad 3?

I've seen people do it with their ipad connected to a computer and stuff but if I only had my ipad + peripherals on me could I still play it?

the only problem I can think of is how to get it onto the actual ipad...
I was thinking that you could download the file on pc, burn it on a disc, make itunes upload it, and then just sync with ipad, but then again, it's never that easy.

I also heared it was possible using something called iswifter but I have yet to explore such things.


(it would be MUCH easier if those lazy devs would just make the game available in the app store FOR ipad....)

anyways, yeah. Thanks!
STO is Windows-only software... Wineskin allows you to get some Windows-only software cheaply/quickly ported to Mac OS X... but it does not work at all with iOS. iOS devices use an ARM CPU, which is not even remotely compatible with x86 (Intel). It would take a HUGE amount of work to try to do something like that... a lot of money and probably around a year of time (or more depending on the problems ran into). I don't know enough about STOs actual source code to be any more specific.

What some people do, as you have said... is remotely connect to their PC, so they see their PC screen on the iPad... so STO is still running on their PC, they just can control their PC from their iPad.