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If one really wants to test this instead of arguing back and forth, it's a simple process.

Role your character or reset your points in Gravity and Particle Generators and pull any grav or particle consoles. Cast GW3 on the target and watch the ticks. Then add a console and repeat. Record the results and compare. Then pull the consoles and add 1 point at a time to each skill test, rinse and repeat.

You absolutely will see an increase in the amount of each damage tic as you increase particle generator. The will range from the low 200s to the mid 600s. You will not see tics for hold points iirc. A parser may show it. Not sure. Edit: It's a computer program so everything is a numerical value at some point.

I use GW to the X on my MVAE and every other ship I can for STFs. On my Vo Quv I use GW and EWP to the X. I never have a problem snaring probes and they stay held unless 1 is at the edge or mor than 3km from the target. I run 6 points in grav and particle. With no points in grav sometimes NPCs can break free. With points in grav they cannot and even Donatra does the gravity well waltz playing to my music.
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