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Starting this thread as a place to keep up with requests for updates to descriptions of objects in the editor.

1)consoles with 'job' interactions on them - Previously requested clarification of which items inthe list can be used as part of the NPC job option and which are'decorative'

  • Wall - door 02-08 - These doors all have text on the door themselves, if that text was included in the description it would make it easier to decide what door we want to use in what situation. for note 01 -does not open; generic text, 02 opens; transporter text, 03 opens; sickbay, 04 opens; mess hall, 05 opens; science lab, 06 opens; main engineering, 07 opens, generic text, 08 opens; generic text
  • Door: Door - Opening These doors also have labels on them, it would actually be nice if we could get variants of these doors with the appropriate location label as well.

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