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I asked this same question here in the Dev Blog thread. The official response is below. It also answers the question about the clipper ship. Agree with the decision or not, at least the omission was well thought out and not just forgotten.

Originally Posted by crypticttc View Post
When we were deciding which ships to include in this set of images it became clear quickly that we did not want to include EVERY ship from Earth history named "Enterprise." This was not a mistake, but a conscious decision to focus on certain representative samples from the history of that name.

To your first point, one of the tall ships named HMS Enterprise is included in this set of images - it's visible in that screenshot on the far left. I did some research on all the sailing ships named "Enterprise" and decided to go with a British frigate built in 1775 - the decision to include this particular ship was mainly a nod to the opening credits of the the TV show Enterprise and to increase the diversity of the ships represented a bit more. There were a few United States Ships named "Enterprise", but they were smaller ships - I felt the mission of the 18th century frigate, a fast, powerful and independent command, was more appropriate to the name's legacy than any number of the other manifestations from that era.

On to your point about the CV-6, the original "Big E" and the most decorated ship in the US Navy. Ultimately I decided to include CVN-65 over CV-6 for a couple of major reasons. The primary reason was that the CVN-65 Enterprise was the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. She was (and is) a unique and revolutionary design and important milestone in the history of propulsion, naval or otherwise. While the CV-6 had an unmatched record in battle, I felt the technological revolution of the CVN-65 made it more likely that she'd be commemorated by Starfleet, an organization hundreds of years removed from single-planet international conflicts. Secondly, the CVN-65 is actually a setting for action in a Star Trek adventure (STIV, although another ship stands in for her during filming).

While I agree that it's an incredible ship with an important place in history, I'd also dispute your claim that CV-6 has been represented in every depiction of Enterprise lineage. Both the observation lounge on the Enterprise D and Archer's ready room cherry pick their Enterprises, and in both celebrations of Enterprise lineage they chose CVN-65 over CV-6. (You can tell it's the CVN-65 by the shape of the deck and the distinctive square shape of the island.)

It's also worth noting that for the observation lounge of the 1701-E, they don't include models of any pre-space Enterprises at all!

Obviously in a project like this, everyone has their favorites - but even if yours didn't make it in I hope you get a chance to see the set and enjoy it in the game.

Another question from this thread I noticed: The Enterprise C is present in this series. To dispel any rumors, the art for that panel was created based on a screenshot from "Yesterday's Enterprise."
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