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10-17-2012, 08:03 AM
Sadly I have seen posts of this nature a few times, (if i remember i did recall seeing one with a response 'its in the pipeline'... guess its been blocked for a while)

At the risk of being a cryingklink, (what am i saying we have no tearducts!) but if this problem was fed side... sigh

Would be nice if the transporters in the first city are fixed too. last I was on the homeworld the useless transporter officer couldnt get my destination right! And due to the game mechanics -I- couldnt get -HIS- destination right either; send him to Grethor where he belongs.

Back to the non-changable boffs, i think the problem is due to fed boffs only being allowed a uniform costume, but they are jammed in the civilian get up.. (although i have a lovely human male who appears to be wearing prison garb )

On a side note, very cross that federation can get (fed affiliated) klingon boffs leveling up.. Worf was the exception to the rule! >.<