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10-17-2012, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by darknyte80 View Post
I've read through most of this thread and I'm looking for a little confirmation.

In my Escort build (PvE only), I use the Aegis Engines, Borg Console, Borg Deflector and Borg Shields.

As I understand it, my 3-piece set now becomes a 2-piece set - meaning that I lose the 'shield boost' proc but not the 'hull repair' proc?

The reason I lose it, is because the console is now part of a separate set entirely?
So to get my 'shield boost' proc back, I need to swap Aegis Engines for Borg Engines and run the full Borg set?

Assuming the above is true - that wouldn't really give me much reason to keep the borg console and to attempt to find an alternative that provides better/similar buffs.

A shame as the 'shield boost' proc did come in very handy at times - is this actually live on holodeck now or is this a proposed change?
Tbh, if you're in an escort you should max your damage. That usually means running the omega set, if you want to be safer use the MACO shields w/them assuming your toon is a fed. The Omega deflector boosts your targeting, the engines are among the best if not the best options for performance, and the 2 part bonus gives you free shield damage which is boosted by flow caps and weapon power level.

More generally even for PvPing Escorts should be using tet glider for most builds out there. Seriously, do you know how easy it is to escape from ships using Borg Engines? Half the time I don't even need an engine batt or evasives, just full power to engines and I'm out of harms way.

If anything this hurts zombie cruisers and zombie sci builds. Even than all it did was mean people like most NPCs just ignore them till the other targets are down.