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10-17-2012, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Tbh, if you're in an escort you should max your damage. That usually means running the omega set, if you want to be safer use the MACO shields w/them assuming your toon is a fed. The Omega deflector boosts your targeting, the engines are among the best if not the best options for performance, and the 2 part bonus gives you free shield damage which is boosted by flow caps and weapon power level.

More generally even for PvPing Escorts should be using tet glider for most builds out there. Seriously, do you know how easy it is to escape from ships using Borg Engines? Half the time I don't even need an engine batt or evasives, just full power to engines and I'm out of harms way.

If anything this hurts zombie cruisers and zombie sci builds. Even than all it did was mean people like most NPCs just ignore them till the other targets are down.
Now that's interesting to know, I hadn't even considered the Omega or MACO sets.
Will certainly check them out, appreciate the info.

Escaping from ships isn't really an issue in PvE, hence why I don't use the Borg engines.