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Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
1) Replace the DBB with another Phaser Beam Array. Then replace two of the torps with two more Phaser Beam Arrays. That'll give you an optimal six-beam broadside. Standardize on one energy type and get another Phaser Relay. Or pick a different energy type, whatever, just keep them all the same.

2) Lose the RCS Accelerators. You're never going to give that ship a decent turn rate, so don't bother trying. Replace them with, probably, neutronium alloy consoles.

3) Keep your shields up, then. Put a couple of Field Generator consoles on. Cycle two copies of EPTS to keep your shield power and resistance high. Use Tac Team's automated redistribution early and often. Since you can only have two tactical powers on that ship, I recommend just TT1 + two conn officer doffs (at least blue quality) who decrease its recharge time. Your second tac power is a matter of preference, but I'd use APB1.
1.) Ok, the primary reason i've only 3 phaser arrays is because i always assumed going full beams would cause a massive power drain, but thanks anyway i'll give it ago. But i'll think i'll keep the photon launcher, because they frequently land criticals and do a good deal of damage.

2.) True that!

3.)Alright, i'll give that ago too


(Futher suggestions are still welcome, i'd like to try a multitude of setups)