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10-17-2012, 11:38 AM
Its nice to see all the work PWE is putting into STO ground adventure zones. But I think they are missing the mark by a long shot.

It is my firm belief that players love their ships. We want o spend more times in our ships. Let us do naughty things in our ships. We like to blow things up in our ships. Stop making us get out of our ships. Unless we are picking up a case of Romulan Ale and some new new space females for a d-breifing, we don't want to leave our ships.

Every other MMO has place to walk around and quests to do. What they don't have is a rich fleet of ships that are very tailored to the player. I love the variation of ships everyone flys. There is no UBER ship that everyone has to fly. We an all have fun with our goofy setups and space sharting mine popping builds if we want to.