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10-17-2012, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
The costlier things still may not perform better.

I feel like you're only looking at the borg set half of this equation.

Let's look at the existing sets:

Even with these nerfs/changes, the MACO set bonuses are terrible.

1) 5% recharge reduction is cosmetic, and is also superfluous in the face of Tac Initiative and Aux to Batts + Technician builds.

2) Graviton beam is worthless, and this is the third set bonus. The only thing it's done since they nerfed the usefulness out of it is tickle the borg and then promptly go on a 3 minute cooldown.

1) Tet Glider is still a decent set bonus, it's been heavily nerfed primarily for PvP balance concerns.

2) Gravitic Anchor is almost useful. Again, another power on a 3 minute cooldown.

-50 defense is completely pointless in STFs. You can run a character with zero accuracy bonuses and still have a 99-100% hit rate against the Borg (or all NPCs for that matter).

If this power had the kinetic ressitance debuff and defense debuff numbers switched around, and either

A) Lasted longer (30s)


B) Had a much, much shorter cooldown (say, 1 minute to 90 seconds)

It might actually be useful.

1) Tactical Readiness. Decent, but only if you use Torpedos (does not boost mines).

2) Mask Energy Field. This power, for the STF environment, wins hands down as possibly the most useless thing you could possibly add to a ship - and requires that you slot the entire set to get it.
Keep in mind the 5% reduction effects more than just Boff powers last I saw unlike tac intiative and aux2batt builds.

Tet glider is still very good and flow caps is a tier 1 skill, so not much in skill investment given the return.

As you mentioned for torp builds 2 part khg is a must for kdf.

I don't see how the grav beam is a bad thing, it's an AoE knockback w/speed reduction.

Omega bonus is useful in PvP and for PvE you can lower kinetic resists allowing torps/mines/sci abilities to do more damage.

KHG 3 part is crap.

You're also leaving out individual bonuses which for the omega set I like each part based on that alone.

KHG shield has crappy regen, but for high alpha NPC attacks it has a huge buffer for those who only PvE. For PvP it's proc can be annoying

Omega Shields are good for movement for PvP and have a high proc rate.

Maco Shields have +10 when under ff, 10% resists, resiliant, high regen and cap.

Omega deflector has +targeting skill.

KHG deflector boosts a lot of abilities, depends on build if they match what you'd like to have boosted.

Maco has good hull boosting stats plus many others including shield boosts.

KHG are mostly crap b/c combat type, but they do have the hot restart and a turnrate boost.

Omega the best engines based on the type.

MACO engines are solid and probably 3rd best engines behind omega and aegis. The driver coil bonus adds a boost for those who like to come out of full impulse w/decent power levels.