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10-17-2012, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by brokenmirror2012 View Post
The retro set is now 3pc, Deflector, impulse, and shield, 2pc Hull heal 3pc SHield heal AND Tractor.

Now first we are losing the ability to run a good shield in combination with this heal. 2nd, We are losing the ability to run 2pc borg with 2 pc anything else. I think the consol should remain part of this set, and an alternative make it also include in the (dreadful) weapon set.

Dont believe me? Look.

This change is not good, focus on BOOSTING MACO and Omega Not nerfing Borg.

This is a post generaly recapping what most ppl will think when this goes live,

EDIT: I use regnerative shields, this change hits me very little compared to most ppl in STO.
I don't remember seeing anything about a Retro set change, did they ninja this in? Because if they did, I'm seriously jimmy-rustled. The 3-piece with a Covariant is the best tanking setup in the game if done properly. Why the heck did they nerf it? Did someone do a Spock's Brain on all of Cryptic?

Also, what happens with the Borg console?
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