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10-17-2012, 11:10 AM
This is either a glitch, or by far THE worst decision Cryptic has ever made. I either lose my passive shield heal, or get it AND a Tractor Beam that I do NOT want (Too long CD on it, and the Breen Set's power drain is VASTLY superior) and take a 32% or higher reduction to my max shield capacity (which, even at 12,977 now, goes down far too quickly in Elite STFs). If I WANTED the Borg shield, if I WANTED the Tractor Beam, I'd ALREADY have it. If they want to rebalance the Retro set, up the EDC price (maybe to the same EDC price as Mk X MACO, 20 per piece). I agree, it's a bit much when 10 EDCs and a story mission will net you the regen, but this will make the Borg set completely irrelevant in my eyes, while the others take far too long to get. This is their SECOND major nerf to this set, too. What's next, removing the Max Warp boost from the engines? Taking away the (minor) power boosts? NO.

The line must be drawn HEAH! THIS FAR, NO FARTHAH! And I.... will make them PAY, for what they've done!
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