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10-17-2012, 11:23 AM
I too feel like I'm being jipped by the earn zen offers. There is some small print from Sponsor Pay though stating that there'll be only one payout per houshold, so for example if you do two surveys for (just an example) you'll get one paid.

The trouble I've had is that some surveys appear to be from different sources yet are from one, so no payout.
Offer-X never send me an e-mail so I never get the zen I should for them.

The only ones I always get zen for is videos at about 1 zen per minute of footage, and then they run out so I have to wait for more to appear, this gets me about 15 zen a day, which as you'll know is nothing.

As for other offers I've entered for way more than I've been paid out.

I know I know it's free money in a sense but I'm not the richest person and I'd like to get some decent stuff on the game, if I had the money I'd get the lifetime but I don't so I have to put up with this.

As of now I have offers outstanding, filled out in full for over 46 days, totalling to over 4,000zen that I'll no doubt never get...