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10-17-2012, 12:44 PM
I'm not opposed to that change, that's just a bit harsh, but more diversity can't hurt the game. 80% of starfleet is currently using 3 parts of the borg set, that's not really diversity, and escorts are tanking too much, that's a fact.

My only concern is that there is no other valuable sci set, and no other set provides +5 to aux like the borg deflector. I hope the reman set has been buffed and got better individual set parts so that it doesn't look like an incidental sci nerf.

Cruisers won't see any difference, their tanking is far superior to any kind of existing damage, scis will get their graviton set nerfed and escorts will at last tank less. The last part is ofc what the game needs (and one of my main chars is flying escorts, so I know the insane amounf of tanking it can get). Currently, without a full team perfectly working on some escorts, they're impossible to kill in pvp, and pve is a huge joke, we could do it with mk 8 whige gear, so why would anyone complain?

You'll do better based on your individual skills, not thanks to your gear, isn't that the purpose of a game?

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