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10-17-2012, 12:54 PM
ou dear, this seems to be double edged.

first effect is clear: the eng, deflect, shield set is focused on regens and interesting offensive build combos and support (u regen fast, stay out of the way and toss heals, cc, drain skills).
oposite to aegis, maco, romulan sets that have high stats , rly good for tanking, taking it while spiking dmg u'r self and then bugging out to heal up.

the console, topr, beam set... wow this makes many build worth a good long look at.

combine with
romulan set for stealth game play + the plasma weap stack (tacs klinks will love that)
omega / borg on sci wil get them nice support bonuses + less power necesary to weps when running a torp boat.

combined with the ferengi / temporal set will probably make torp boats appear again.

as with the previous patch, this i making steps to balance out the gap between classes imo, and opens up interesting new builds