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10-17-2012, 12:01 PM
I agree that beams are weak damage-wise, but they kind of compensate in other areas. I mean after all, they have the most stable damage/distance ratios (lose out on not a whole lot of firepower in comparison to other weapons, namely cannons), and they have the largest firing arcs (270 degrees. I can't see any complaints that are valid to that). Imagine buffing the damage on that? That would make beam arrays stupidly overpowered. They are supposed to be sustained pressure damage, not "Let's be like Kirk and blow it away in one salvo" damage.

Now to your post. "Beams DPS rating need to be raised to at least the cannons' level." No. Just... no. I mean seriously think about that one. You have a weapon with a 270 degree firing arc. That means with a cruiser you can have 8 of them hitting a target simultaneously. That would be a little too powerful. And if you read a bunch of other posts I have put up in a lot of cruiser threads, you will see that beams can be used to deal a ton of damage. I run 6 beams and 2 torps, and I can usually keep my average damage per hit at around 8-900. If I then blow certain cds, I can raise it to over 1k pretty easily, and peak at around 1200. Which is more than enough sustained damage to demolish ANY borg ship.

Another quote that I found a little confusing "They are killing you faster than you can kill one of them." If you're in a cruiser and dying to spheres, that's not the game, that's you doing something wrong. Majorly wrong. You said you had a 4 cruiser 1 carrier team. That's a ton of tankiness. I mean, the carrier alone could probably endlessly dance with 2 spheres and never have to worry. You have enough cross-healing ability (I assume you cross-healed since it was a premade team) that it's probable that not even the gate should have been able to kill any of you. And even if you don't cross heal, most tier 5 and up cruisers have enough self-sustain that they can easily take on a sphere or three without ever losing their shields (or if they do then without dying).

You were correct on one thing though, the ESTFs and other PvE content are a little too damage based. Massive dps spurts are really the only thing that seem to matter, sustained DPS isn't a requisite anymore, just spike damage on stationary... unshielded... stupidly high hp targets. So again, you're right, an adjustment needs to be made there, but not really by buffing the damage on beams.

An alternative to buffing beam damage would instead be to reduce power usage of those beams so you can use them without having to constantly buffer your power. That I would stand behind.
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