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Hello all,

I'm happy to announce that I have a new mission that is out now on Holodeck!

This is a mission that heavily touchstones on the TNG episode "Starship Mine" and is a bit more combat focused than most of my other missions. I'd appreciate any feedback you have!

Trailer link! Heavy props to Capt.PFDennis for his work on it.

"Clean Sweep"
Fed, Any Level
Est. Length: 45 mins?
Start Location: Servin system in Regulus Sector

Behrens Station, one of the largest starship maintenance facilities servicing Starfleet vessels heading to and from the Klingon front, requires your aid providing cover for a task force that will soon be receiving passes by the station's Baryon sweep arrays.

Report to the station and ensure that all ships complete their Baryon particle purging without any interference from the Klingons or other hostile forces.

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