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06-26-2009, 11:10 PM
A couple of questions relating to customisation:

Does customisation for our bridge crew extend beyond facial features and species, for example, can we alter their uniforms? Can we decide what rank they hold? Can we dictate what position within the crew they hold? For example, could I create; Commander "X", First Officer and Chief Tactical Officer, a hologram with the appearance of the EMH MK1, and have him in a standard Command Red uniform? Could I also create; Master Chief Petty Officer "Y", Security Chief, human female, wearing an all-black version of the standard uniform with militaristic embellishments?

Or do I just get Tactical Officer 1, Tactical Officer 2, First Officer, Medical Officer, all in standard uniforms for their sections, and they rank up when they gain skills(ie, Movie Kirk era when the whole crew is command rank)?