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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
May try this build on a fleet Torkhat;


KHG shields
KHG delflector
Aegis engines

plasmonic leech/ (2) nuetronium / (1) RCS
(1) field generator / (1) shield emitter amplifier
(4) energy consoles

(2) DHCs
(1) DBB
(1) torpedo
(3) Turrets
(1) tricobalt mine

(2) purple technicians
(1) purple Temporal System Officer
(2) purple Warp core engineers

cycle on fire key: ATB1 + ATB1 + EPTS1 + EPTS1 + DEM2 + DEM3 (A2SIF3) + ApD1 + CRF2 + HY2 + DISTRIBUTE SHIELDS + FIRE ENERGY
oh interesting, using the universal for another eng station for AtB, haven't thought of that. do you find 2 tech doffs sufficient? i haven't checked if only 2 doffs works well enough when using 2 AtB yet.

no HE, TB, TBR or TSS is definitely a problem. i would suggest using ET3 on this build due to that. i don't think DEM is that useful right now but EWP3 at global will we awesome, and AtS will interfere with AtB cycling. also, with AtB cooling things down, you don't need 2 EPtS. i would adjust your station powers to this

EPtS1, AtB1, ET3, EWP3

i would cycle EPtS and EPtE mostly, it would kinda be like having a really short APO when you use EPtE. EPtW i would use only during an alpha strike, thanks to AtB boosting your weapons energy that you already have at 100, you proboly don't need it at all, but what else are you gonna put there, i see no use for aux in the build at all.

im pretty sure you still need 3 tech doffs for best effectiveness, those warp core engines are probably overkill with AtB constantly on buffing energy. cant go wrong with BFI doffs in their place, especially since your only shield heal is EPtS1. what does a Temporal System Officer do anyway?
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