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Originally Posted by captainbrady View Post
I don't know about that. The Jem Hadar weren't any more powerful. The defiant easily defeated Jem Hadar ships....the only proboblem was the fact that they bred like guppies. Still they had one serious weakness. Take away their precious "white" and they become more irritable than a heroin addict in withdrawl (probably just as worthless too). So this leaves the Vorta who are both cowards and stupid enough to believe a being that shape shifts is a god (I thought humans were easily impressed). Finally this leaves the shape shifter criminals who were easily brought down by a section 31 virus. No I'm afraid she
can stay where she is. She should have been excecuted.
Considering they are immune to that virus now thanks to odo curing them, they wouldnt be able to do it again. considering the true dominion likely has also beefed up defenses around the founder homeworld to make sure it doesnt hapen, i highly doubt Section 31 cares enough to make another since the dominion is no longer a threat. so pray tell how would you manage to go through dominion space to get to them? and stop them?

at this point in time starfleet or the kdf dont have the manpower to risk opening yet another front of war. and dont go sprouting on about how many players play the game. Story wise they dont count.

also, since white isnt kept on only one ship... how would you expect to get rid of it all and render the JH "Harmless" as you say. trying to blockade wouldnt work... as the force at DS9 was only the first wave, once the rest came in unless the KDF and Feds had every ship at there disposal in the area it would be a slaughter of the blockading force once all 2800 ships showed up.
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