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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Keep in mind the 5% reduction effects more than just Boff powers last I saw unlike tac intiative and aux2batt builds.
Let's say you have a captain power with a 3 minute cooldown.

That's 180s, reduced by 5% = 171s

Or, 2 minutes and 51s.

Functionally speaking, that's pointless.

You're still waiting, basically, 3 minutes.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
As you mentioned for torp builds 2 part khg is a must for kdf.
"Torp builds" is a pretty limited and specific niche, and since many KDF ships can slot dual heavy cannons they are often much better off going with those for STFs.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
I don't see how the grav beam is a bad thing, it's an AoE knockback w/speed reduction.
It's a cost opportunity issue.

What you describe it does is fine for a power on a 45s or 60s cooldown.

This one, however, requires you to slot the entire MACO set and has a 3 minute cooldown. That's the main issue with it.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Omega bonus is useful in PvP and for PvE you can lower kinetic resists allowing torps/mines/sci abilities to do more damage.
Similar to MACO, the issue is the cooldown to usage ratio and the fact that -50 defense is pointless on STFs, which one must assume the STF sets were in fact designed for.

It might as well be a -50 to sense of humor for all that it actually does against the borg.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
KHG shield has crappy regen, but for high alpha NPC attacks it has a huge buffer for those who only PvE. For PvP it's proc can be annoying

Omega Shields are good for movement for PvP and have a high proc rate.

Maco Shields have +10 when under ff, 10% resists, resiliant, high regen and cap.
These are not set bonuses.

They are part of the shield, and the shields are all generally good.

My post is discussing the set bonuses which are largely weak and pointless.