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06-27-2009, 12:02 AM
There are some things that go without saying. I wasn't referring to anyone with a physical inability in some forms desire or ability to play this game. I was referring to the fact that the "interview" consisted primarily of them asking one or two questions about the game controls and then throwing out a bunch of statistics about disabled humans and essentially using what was a terribly weak interview as a "hit booster" for their website by getting it linked through STO's main page.

The interview itself told us absolutely nothing because frankly, if you didn't think they'd have re-mappable keybindings then you're about 10+ years behind the times. Name a computer game made in the last 10 years that was both popular and forced all players to use one set of key maps w/o the ability to change them for customization?

Unlike someone who chooses a high risk job (firefighter, military, etc knowing they could be killed or severely injured) my friend was just driving a car when he had his accident and he has never complained. He has never asked for special treatment from anyone. In fact he used his ingenuity to create ways to make him more capable of living a normal life w/o having to ask for assistance. He has partial use of one leg and one good arm and a so-so other arm. He refuses to park in handicap spots, he refuses to speak up on these forums asking "hey what special things are you gonna do to make it easier to play with one hand?"

He lives by the saying "I'm not dis-abled, just able in a different way." He says he just might need a ramp and a wide door sometimes but otherwise he's cool. So you'll forgive me if I have had exposure to a somewhat more self-reliant type of disabled person than you guys have.

Oh, and he can own most people I know as a scout in Team Fortress 2...

The only reason I'm saying any of this is because when life hands you lemons you don't throw them at someone and say "Look at me I have lemons you need to make me lemonade." You do it yourself. Aside from the re-mappable keys what else could they possibly do to this game to make it more disabled accessible. We saw a lot of statistics and such in that interview but not a lot of suggestions from anyone here except the people who are saying they aren't disabled.

Have you put any thought into how a person with disabilities would play this game?
Disabilities such as??? Deaf? They'll have text I'm sure. Blind? Well, videogames are probably not the best hobby for you. Colorblind? Good chance that you've already managed to get through life fairly well up to now, doubtful this game will be much of a challenge w/o special care being taken. You have to give examples to have an effective answer.

When we say it's a weak interview it's because it provided no information about anything that common sense and past experience wouldn't already tell you will be in the game.

Now that we have had a chance to talk, do you think that there are a few things that you may want to revisit in the game?
What could they possibly change. You offered absolutely no examples of things that couldn't be taken care of through the aforementioned common sense customization available in any high quality title (especially MMOs).

Like I said, from an informative standpoint (strictly from that standpoint) this was a lame interview. No one is making fun of anyone with a disability and no one is saying people with a disability should be ignored or rolled into a corner or whatever. In fact feel free to check my own track record regarding comments about interviews and you'll see that I've said several of the interviews sucked. Don't go throwing a fit because you see yourself differently than you see me and say that my opinion of the quality of the interview had anything to do with some non-existent bias toward people with disabilities. I take a great deep insult to that.

Less than 10% of gamers have any disability whatsoever. How many of those disabilities seriously impact their game playing? How many of the disabilities that DO seriously impact their gameplay could in any way be alleviated by the game developers? THESE are questions you have to ask not only developers but disabled gamers and yourself before you go into an interview with a serious intention of making that developer more aware of special things that would/should need to be done to accommodate gamers with special needs. The fact that you had no actual suggestions or examples is why I said it felt like a weak attempt to plug your site and your cause.

I've never considered being colorblind disabled, if that's the case then I'm disabled. But that doesn't change the fact that the interview was weak sauce for people interested in the game and wasn't done in such a way to actually help people with any disability that might actually affect their enjoyment of any game.

Common-sense-already-in-the-game-things aside, the only thing they could really do would be to support some of the few peripherals for people with limited motion and possibly voice command as well (though that'd be freakin awesome for everyone).