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10-17-2012, 12:38 PM
It would be different if the other sets were just as good as the Borg set, looking at the set bonuses of the MACO and Omega sets to me they are not that good, if i want to keep with a 3 piece Borg + Console i would have to use the Borg shield and i would drop from 14,500 to 11,200 shields but gain a Tractor beam with a horrible cooldown, great trade off. If i want to keep as i am, MACO shields + 2 piece now im very much worse off with no regen shield or tractor beam but the same shield

Im sure there are a lot of people who are worried thier set up is now going to be junk, i know adapt or die will be said but i dont know, its all very confusing and not good, have to see how it goes.

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