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10-17-2012, 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by partizan81 View Post
Also, as an aside, unless the cutting beam and torp launcher are just balls-out awesome, the set bonus doesn't really scream out to me "OMG I MUST USE THIS 3/3!!?one!" I mean, +10 weapon power and a 1 sec damage reduction? /shrug.

Also, to answer someone's question from earlier, given that the current console just says "universal" and the screenshotted console says "MK XII," I'm guessing they're probably going to make the console something that is Omega-Force-point-purchaseable and drop it from the Assimilated mission. Would make sense if you have to purchase the other two items, existing users would simply be grandfathered in. That's 110% logical-but-unfounded-assumption.
That 'someone' was probably me. But I was more wondering if the console that's being grandfathered in would likely be automatically considered Mk X, or what. Of course, until we see something more authoritative this is probably just speculation, although there may be people here with more experience of how this sort of thing is typically handled than I do, ergo one reason I asked.