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10-17-2012, 12:49 PM
My advice would be to ditch the Galaxy-R and go with a better cruiser. However if you MUST use that ship, I would say use the following build for maximum damage:

3 BAs 1 Torp Fore AND Aft

Shields: MACO/Borg
Deflector: MACO/Borg
Engine: Borg

Subspace Field Modulator, Deuterium Surplus, Red Matter Capacitor (if you have it), Engine Battery

Tac Consoles:
Whatever Energy Type the BAs are (preferably mk XI blue or better, those are pretty cheap to come by on the exchange (except AP), and you can craft em if you really need to)

Engi Consoles:
Saucer Sep Module, remaining slots, put Neutronium Alloy (again, mk XI blue or better)

Sci Consoles:
Assimilated Module, remaining slots Field Generators (again, mk XI blue or better)

Now the bit with the Shields and Deflector? Well that's easy to explain. If you want the Borg Hull proc only, run the MACO Shields and Deflector with the Borg Engines (add in the assimilated module and you'll have the 2 piece set bonus). If you want the shield proc too, Borg Engines and Deflector (add in module, gives you 3 piece set bonus), and MACO shields. And if for some odd reason you want the assimilated tractor beam and your ship to glow green, go with the full borg set.

BOff setup:
Lt. Tac: TT1, BFAW2/APB1/TS2

Cmdr Engi: EPtS1, EPtW2, ET3, Aux2SIF3

LtCmdr Engi: EPtS1, Aux2Bat1, RSP2/Aux2Damp

Ensign Engi: ET1

Lt. Sci: HE1, TSS2 OR TSS1, HE2

Conn Officer (purple)x2 (Tactical Team and Buff CD red)
Technician (purple)x1
Damage Control Engineer (purple)x1
Warp Core Engineer (purple)x1

Now for how to use this setup. I basically optimized your limited damage potential with the abilities and tactical consoles available on that ship. Let's face it, the Galaxy Class ships are horrible when it comes to damage output, and since every engi power seems to put every other engi power on CD, the fact you have 3 engi BOffs (ew...) is kind of more of a problem than a good thing.

Naturally half of my listed abilities put the other half on CD (engi), so it's entirely situational as to how you use them. TT1 should be up almost 24/7, BUT ONLY AS LONG AS YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK. If what you're shooting at it is targeting someone else (which is likely due to your low damage output, even with saucer sep) then you don't blow your TT, instead focus on healing whatever is under attack with your TSS, HE, and ET. Aux2SIF is a good quick heal for someone who needs it, and it boosts their damage resistance as well. HOWEVER you also have aux2bat for when you need a little more power to everything else and don't have to heal anything at that time, and Aux2damp for when you need to hoof a little faster and be a tad more nimble than your fat rear normally is. Also it's good torp defense. Lastly, you have your RSP2 as an OH CRAP button that you only mash when you are getting whacked by everything and it's mother and you don't have TT1 + EPtS up.

Also I gave you two sets of EPtS1 so you can keep that buff constantly up, with an EPtW just in case you wanted to buff your damage for a time. But those two should be up almost constantly, which is possible due to the Damage Control DOff I had in place. Also the warp core engineer gives you the possibility of turning even a measly EPtX1 into something stronger than the same EPtX3 (the only catch there being that warp core engis are fkin expensive as hell on the exchange). HE is a big HoT for self use or as a gift to someone else, and TSS is a Shield HoT for either yourself or someone else.

Your tactical abilities are self-explanatory (and alas you only have 2), but I'll just say that APB1 is for 1v1 encounters/big heavy targets, and the BFAW (if you should choose to use it) is just to make lots of noise and get everything to hit you so other more tactically inclined craft can peel them off of you one by one. Which is where your neutronium comes in. That is your defense. That is your shield. That is what keeps you from getting nova'd. Combine that with the 2x field generator (blue mk XI will give you +35% shield cap), you can get your shields up to easily over 10k per facing. So that's 10k shields, and 40k hull, with your hull at roughly 38% resists to everything, you're one tanky SoB (frankly all that ship is good for, no offence).

And the saucer sep is in there for when you need some amusement/get bored with being slow, cumbersome, and unable to do much damage. Hit that, and all of a sudden your lady gets new wings, turns much better, has more damage output, but loses a little of that tankiness.

As for gameplay? That's user's choice. I would recommend you go in and tank everything, and don't expect to get any kills or even do that much damage. Make a lot of noise of course, but your damage output is severely limited by the fact you only have a Lt Tac with 2 tac consoles. Also, you'll be kinda not that great in PvP. Just an FYI. But you will have a lot of survivability, so if you get focused, don't panic. Just remember to keep your TT and EPtS going, and use RSF if you really start to get hammered. Also throw in TSS to add to your beefiness, and you'll be fine. And remember, you have an OH CRAP button in the form of RSP2. Combine that with TSS and you'll get shields that won't go down, instead will get healed, even while you're getting smacked. And if you really need it, you have miracle worker, which is basically an EPtS3 combined with an ET3. Clears all engi debuffs, restores all downed subsystems, BIG shield heal, and moderate hull heal. And a 5 minute cd (go figure).

But I will say this again. You're probably better off getting a different ship. Current meta combined with the massive number of shared CDs on engi powers makes the Galaxy-R not a good ship at all. Tbh, I would have said save your zen and get a regent or one of the oddy's, since they have a far more versatile and balanced BOff layout, and are far more tactically inclined (esp the regent and tac oddy). But since you seem to like the Galaxy Class (I am rather fond of her myself), try out this build, see if it works.
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