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Originally Posted by guriphu View Post
Displays of how many people are queued for cross-faction events is absolutely necessary to coordinate groups between KDF and Fed players who don't have enough people for a full team. Taking this away will prevent KDF and Fed friends from playing together unless they have a full team of five.
This is a CRITICAL point. I do pugs with my brother all the time, and I usually play Starfleet while he usually plays Klingon. As we are both very experienced at (space) STF's, there's only so bad a pug will get with both of us there, but on the occasions that we get split of us usually ends up taking a looooong time to finish up their pug.

This does segue into another thought of mine. Why not make it possible to create cross-faction teams/groups of some sort specifically when queuing up for PvE missions that allow both Starfleet and KDF players on the same side?

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